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About Saarthi


Our mission is to revolutionize the present scenario by empowering our youth and by channelizing their energies to foster national development.    
To build future leaders and bring their voices to be heard at national as well as global level.


As our motto say "ENLIGHTENING YOUR PATHWAY” our vision is to raise the living standards of the people by imparting knowledge and wisdom. To make their lives better through social, moral and spiritual strengthening and help realize the higher truth "Tamso Ma Jyotirgamya” which means from darkness to light.


The main objectives of our organization are:

·  To provide the young generation a platform to express their views and further to contribute in national development.

·  To serve as a networking organization for young minds around the world and work collaboratively.

·   To connect and co-ordinate with other such organizations to carry on the legacy of change.

· To initiate International leadership development projects and such activities with aims to prepare young people to serve as future leaders.

To attain the objectives "SAARTHI” has to build a strong network among the youth of India and the organizations involved in activities to encourage youth to contribute to the society.